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Our Vision
Unichem aims to be recognized as one of the leading & most trusted manufacturer & distributor for chemical solutions across various industries.

Our Mission
Unichem is one of the few manufacturers of Sodium Hypochlorite 12% solution and the first to manufacture Ferric Chloride 40% solution in Qatar. With our vision to be the leading partner for various chemical solutions, we have expanded our product services from water treatment chemicals; drilling & specialty chemicals; and laboratory chemicals, tools & instruments to: supplying of refrigerants; chemicals for construction; chemicals for plastic materials; medical supplies & equipment; biochemicals-forensic CRMs; and farm-animal diagnostics kits.

We use each business opportunity to implement solutions and provide high-quality products & services with competitive & reasonable prices to wide-range of industries.

Our Values


Creating an Environment in which every worker feels involved and committed to the success of the business.

Hiring Professional Team to achieve excellent performance.

Creating a Team Work in which everyone respects, cooperates and appreciates his colleague’s efforts.

Regular Training Courses for all the team to ensure maximum productivity & accuracy in their respective fields, that meet with company’s strategic goals and customers’ requirements.

Apply and sticking to Business Ethics

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Unichem Company
Unichem Company

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