192 Qataris employed in the private sector in April: Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour announced the recruitment of 192 male and female job seekers in the private sector during the month of April.
The statistical bulletin of the Ministry of Labour, which includes the most prominent statistics and figures of the labour sector in the country, as well as the results of inspection visits to various establishments, indicated that the appointments were distributed to the finance and insurance sectors 74 jobs, energy and industry 27 jobs, communications and information technology sector 24 jobs, and services and transportation 25 jobs, the real estate and contracting 12 jobs, private institutions 26 jobs, and in the hospitality sector 4 jobs.
In this context, the ministry stated that the most prominent companies and institutions most cooperative in employing citizens during last April are: Qatar National Bank 9 jobs, Doha Bank 13 jobs, Dukhan Bank 22 jobs, Dlala Brokerage and Investment Holding Company 7 jobs, and Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Development Community 4 jobs, Aspire Zone Foundation 12 jobs, Vodafone Qatar 17 jobs, beIN Sports 5 jobs, Katara Hospitality 3 jobs, Msheireb Real Estate 2 jobs, Qatari Diar Real Estate Investments 2 jobs, Waseef Asset Management 3 jobs, and Qatar Ports Management Company 2 jobs, Al-Rayyan Media and Marketing Company 3 jobs, and RKH Qitarat 3 jobs.
The statistical bulletin showed that the ministry received about 5,121 requests for new recruitment, of which 3,947 were approved, and 1,174 were rejected, while the total number of requests to modify the profession reached about 2,792 requests, of which 2,779 were approved, and only 13 requests were rejected.
According to the bulletin issued today, the number of requests for work permits submitted to the Ministry during the month of April 2022 amounted to about 1,290 requests, including 589 requests to renew the permit, 498 requests to issue a new permit, and 203 requests to cancel issued permits, while the ministry did not receive any request to issue a replacement.
In terms of inspection visits to recruitment offices, the statistical bulletin showed that the ministry carried out about 41 inspection rounds on recruitment offices, which resulted in directing the total closure of one office, and issuing one warning.
During the same month, the Labour Inspection Department conducted intensive inspection campaigns to monitor the extent to which establishments comply with the laws and ministerial decisions concerned with regulating the labour market in the country, with a total of 11,907 inspection visits in various regions, which resulted in the seizure of 514 violations, and the ban of 106 establishments, while the number of warnings to companies to remove violations reached 2,078 warnings.
Regarding labour complaints, the statistical bulletin showed that the Department of Labour Relations received through the unified platform complaints from the facilitys workers about 3731 complaints, of which 208 complaints were settled, while 1164 complaints were referred, leaving about 2359 complaints under process.
With regard to the labour dispute settlement committees, the number of cases referred to them according to the bulletin during the past month amounted to about 978 cases, while the total number of decisions issued by these committees reached about 360 cases, and the total decisions that are still under process amounted to about 466 cases.