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Greetings customers,

The family of QATAR BUSINESS SERVICE GATE extends its warmest welcome and thanks for your efforts in reading the following:

  1. The conditions for using the website qbusinessgate.qa and for you to continue for another year are now in your hands.
  1. The purpose of the terms of use is to clearly state what our customers can expect from us and to ensure that everyone is aware of the legal implications of using the site, whether as a visitor, one of our users, or in any other capacity, in order to ensure the success and profitability of our relationship for all parties.
  1. We hereby notify you that the foregoing laws shall apply to your use of the site from any device connected to the Internet, including, but not limited to, mobile phones, tablets, desktop or laptop computers, and other devices with access to an information network.
  1. These terms may also change from time to time as necessary and in accordance with the site management’s vision, and they may do so without prior notice or other indication from the site’s shapes by adding, deleting, altering, or reformatting any of the contents.
  1. The website’s content will cover all topics pertaining to public bids, private organizations in Qatar, and the services offered by businesses of all sizes in all industries.
  1. The target audience for this content is adults; minors are not permitted to access it.
  1. We draw the attention of our visitors and account holders to the importance of using the website in compliance with the laws of the state of Qatar, the Middle East, Russia, the European Union, each of the African nations, North and South America, and all other nations, including the one from which the site is opened, as well as the aforementioned laws.
  1. The law is applicable to all users, including visitors and account holders.
  1. This agreement is solely between the user or visitor and the site’s administration, Alethadi Organization center Co.


  1. The visitor is deemed to have read, accepted, and understood the terms of use, as well as everything that they base and stipulate, when he or she browses the website or its content.
  1. The visitor is only allowed to publish the website link; he is not allowed to publish any links that are directly or indirectly related to the website’s content or to any addresses, even if he directly publishes, rewrites, alters, distorts, copies, or downloads the content because the information on the website is private property. The website is accessible, but only the site’s owners are authorized to use it.
  1. In accordance with the guidelines that are in place when a visitor becomes a user, the visitor has the right to utilize the site’s content by creating an account and using it appropriately.
  1. Visitors are free to browse the website and view the offers without publishing them again in their personal accounts or on unrelated external websites or pages.
  1. Any damage, technical issue, or software flaw must be reported to the site management by the visitor; he is under no obligation to do otherwise.
  1. The act of copying, altering, or penetrating the site’s content is regarded as an electronic crime, and the offender will be fined QAR 10,000 and forfeit their right to reply, appeal, or make any claims.
  1. To fully utilize the services offered by the website, we cordially invite our esteemed visitors to create a personal account with us.
  1. The user and account holders are subject to the same laws and penalties as site visitors.
  1. This enables the site’s administration to access user content.
  1. The account holder guarantees that the personal data contained in his personal
    account which is truthful, clear, and correct; will be kept private and or he alone is responsible.
  1. The account holder promises that the personal information in his account will be kept confidential. Accounts that are truthful, understandable, and accurate will be kept private, and he alone is accountable.
  1. The site’s administrators are permitted to use personal information to communicate, deliver the most recent news, or do anything else that is in the visitor’s, user’s, personal account holder’s, or administrators’ best interests.
  1. The site administration is entitled to use personal information for communication, news updates, or other purposes that serve the needs of site visitors, users, personal account holders, or administration.
  1. In the event that any technical or software error or defect occurs generally, the owners of personal accounts or membership accounts have the right to notify the site management without the need to make a formal complaint or claim.
  1. The user is not permitted to post links to advertisements on his personal account or any other account with www.qbusinessgate.qa for the purpose of advertising on other websites, even if they are reputable.
  1. The account holder is not permitted to publish any material with a written or visual message that is harmful to other users, site visitors, the site’s administration, the specific site, or any other person, whoever he may be.
  1. The account holder is not allowed to publish any materials with images of nudity, racism, or pornographic or political appearances.
  1. Any content that is offensive, inappropriate, or contains immoral language is not permitted to be published by the account holder.
  1. When a user publishes one of the things listed in the eighth, ninth, or tenth paragraphs of the terms of use with regard to users with accounts, it is regarded as a crime and an abuse of the site and its management. A fine of 10,000 QAR is imposed by an official court, and the user’s account is terminated from the site, and he is eligible to seek any compensation.
  1. In the event that the account holder publishes content on the website, he is solely responsible for it, regardless of his physical or mental well-being.
  1. It is forbidden for the user to post any references to, advertisements for, or testimonials for, services that are unrelated to the industry and the requirements for it.
  1. A membership account holder or the owner of any other type of account has the right to update his personal data whenever he is asked to or is required to do so.




  1. The site’s management has the discretion to, as needed and without prior notice, modify, remove, or reformulate the site or its contents.
  1. The site management may change its policy and terms of use from one time period to the next as needed by the work plan.
  1. Both the user and the visitor have the right to inform the site management of any technical issues, software flaws, or performance issues with the site, but neither is entitled to any compensation under any circumstances.
  1. The website’s goal is informational rather than documentary. Consequently, the site administration disclaims liability for the veracity or credibility of any information provided therein, as full liability for any incorrect publication’s rests with the account holder.


  1. The party who is affected by a problem has the right to notify the site management when it arises, so the site management is only required to offer advice when the administration recognizes the need for it.
  1. The site management expressly disclaims all responsibility for mediating disputes or compensating either party in the event of a dispute between the two accounts. The site’s administration may delete the accounts of the disputing parties with or without keeping the publications associated with those accounts, and neither of those parties has the right to compensation.
  1. The site management disclaims responsibility for any form of compensation or dispute resolution in the event that a commercial exchange, a material benefit, or a common interest between two or more accounts turned out to be a fraud and caused a loss of money or any other type of damage.