A quick review of the Planning and Statistics Authority data on building permits issued in April 2023, based on their geographical distribution, reveals that the municipality of Al Rayyan tops the list with 102 permits issued, accounting for 27 percent of the total permits.

Following closely is the municipality of Al Doha with 89 permits (23 percent), Al Wakrah municipality with 82 permits (21 percent), and Al Da’ayen municipality with 48 permits (13 percent). The remaining municipalities issued permits as follows: Al Khor with 34 permits (9 percent), Um Slal with 15 permits (4 percent), Al Sheehaniya with 10 permits (3 percent), and Al Shammal with 3 permits (1 percent).

In terms of the types of permits issued, the data indicates that new building permits (residential and non-residential) constitute 39 percent (149 permits) of the total building permits issued in April 2023. Additionally, additions permits account for 58 percent (221 permits), while fencing permits make up 3 percent (13 permits) of the total.

Analyzing the data on new residential building permits, it is evident that villas hold the highest share, accounting for 84 percent (104 permits) of all new residential building permits. Apartments follow with a share of 9 percent (11 permits), and dwellings of housing loans account for 6 percent (7 permits) of the total.

In terms of non-residential buildings, commercial structures take the lead with 44 percent (11 permits), followed by industrial buildings such as workshops and factories with 40 percent (10 permits), and governmental buildings with 12 percent (3 permits).

Comparing the number of permits issued in April 2023 with the previous month, there is a notable decrease of 42 percent. This decrease is observed across all municipalities: Al Shammal (70 percent), Um Slal (63 percent), Al Da’ayen (62 percent), Al Sheehaniya (58 percent), Al Rayyan (45 percent), Al Wakrah (37 percent), Al Doha (23 percent), and Al Khor (6 percent).

Completion certificates

A review of the data on building completion certificates issued in April 2023, based on their geographical distribution, reveals that Al Rayyan municipality leads the way with 75 certificates issued, accounting for 30 percent of the total certificates. Al Da’ayen municipality secures the second position with 59 certificates (23 percent), followed by Al Wakrah municipality with 43 certificates (17 percent), and Al Doha municipality with 28 certificates (11 percent).

Among the remaining municipalities, Umm Slal issued 24 certificates (9 percent), Al Khor issued 13 certificates (5 percent), while Al Shammal and Al Sheehaniya each issued 6 certificates (2 percent).

Regarding the types of certificates issued, new building completion certificates (residential and non-residential) constitute 76 percent (192 certificates) of the total building certificates.