Consul General of Qatar in Jeddah opens medical unit of Qatari Hajj mission


Makkah Al Mukaramah:Consul General of the State of Qatar in Jeddah HE Rashid bin Saeed Al Khayarin on Wednesday inaugurated the Medical Unit of Qatari Hajj mission after it was approved by health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Consul General inspected the clinic and its utilities during which he was briefed on the clinic’s sections and the equipment Qatari Hajj mission is providing to Qatar’s pilgrims and listened to a detailed explanation from the head of the Medical Unit on the clinic sections and its equipment.

The unit has clinics for men and others for women and allocated an emergency section, in addition to allocating observation and isolation rooms for cases that require medical isolation for all patients whether at its headquarter in Al Aziziyah or in the Holy Sites in Mina and Arafah.

Head of the Medical Unit outlined that the unit includes excelled and competent male and female physicians, nurses and pharmacists who were selected from the list of most skillful medical cadres in order to provide best health services and essential medical aid based on highest standards, adding that he is glad to see a large number of physicians from the medical cadre escorting the Qatari Hajj mission around the clock.