May 28, 2024

Deputy Amir inaugurates new Qatar University buildings

HH the Deputy Amir Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Thani, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Qatar University (QU), inaugurated a number of new university buildings on the campus, during a ceremony held on Monday morning.

A number of ministers and senior officials were in attendance, along with QU administration, college deans, former QU presidents and guests of the ceremony.

During the ceremony, HH the Deputy Amir was given an introductory presentation on the new university buildings, which include the building of the Student Affairs and the College of Education, the College of Law, and the College of Engineering.

HH the Deputy Amir was also briefed on the specifications of these buildings and the international standards followed in the construction in line with the latest standards of sustainability and operational efficiency.

At the ceremony, His Highness the Deputy Amir was presented with overviews of the newly constructed university buildings, including the Student Affairs building, as well as the College of Education, College of Law, and College of Engineering.

In his address on this occasion, QU President Dr Omar Al Ansari said, “We are delighted to have you join us today for the inauguration of several new university buildings, marking a significant milestone in realizing the university’s vision and academic, educational, and research aspirations. The achievement is the result of strategic planning and collaborative efforts aimed at providing an educational environment that caters to the university’s continuous expansion and development. The expansion of university buildings facilitates the accommodation of the continuous growth in student numbers, enriches student life by offering diverse activities and services, enhances communication and interaction, and enriches the university experience. Moreover, it provides opportunities for exchanging experiences and knowledge, fostering integration between various academic disciplines and programs.”

Dr Al Ansari added, “The sustainability and success of any institution is closely linked to its ability to keep pace with rapid developments. Qatar University has been actively engaged and remains committed to advancing on multiple fronts. Academically, the university continually seeks accreditation of its programmes from the most prestigious international accreditation bodies and builds strategic partnerships to meet the needs of partners in the job market. Whether by initiating programs and specializations that meet their needs or by improving the student experience and preparing graduates with unique competencies, knowledge, and skills to effectively fulfill the aspirations and expectations of job market partners.”

“Regarding research, the university provides the latest resources, technologies, and attracts active research minds to produce scientifically impactful research that responds to the state’s research priorities. The university also emphasizes cooperation with stakeholders and is keen on establishing sustainable strategic partnerships with state institutions, local and international communities.”

“Enhancing facilities and infrastructure is a paramount aspect that the university prioritizes for investment, aiming to enrich the educational process and student experience. The new buildings have been constructed with high international standards and equipped with the latest technologies. As a result of collective efforts, the College of Law, College of Education, College of Pharmacy, and the Sports and Events Complex have received a four-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) in design and construction, with efforts underway to achieve the same rating for the remaining buildings.”

Dr Al Ansari concluded his speech by saying: “The achievements of the university and the inauguration of these modern educational structures would not have been possible without the boundless support that the university receives from the esteemed Board of Regents, the dedicated efforts of the university staff, and the continuous support of our partners in various sectors of the state. This stands as tangible evidence of the state’s interest in and support for its oldest, largest, and most prestigious national university. We are confident that these new buildings will contribute to achieving further accomplishments and elevating the status of our beloved university on both regional and international levels. On behalf of myself and the Qatar University family, I extend heartfelt gratitude to HH the Deputy Amir for his gracious presence, to the Board of Regents, and to all the esteemed guests present, who have contributed to the realization of this achievement.”

Director of Communications and Public Relations, Eatidal Al Qatami said, “In line with the university’s continuous commitment to enriching the range of activities and experiences available to its students and members by improving the infrastructure and technology of its facilities and buildings, we are delighted to announce the inauguration of the new university buildings. These structures signify a substantial qualitative enhancement, aligning with our vision and strategy.”

She added, “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to HH the Deputy Amir for gracing us with his presence, to the esteemed Dr. Omar Al-Ansari, President of the University, and to all the honorable attendees. We look forward to these new buildings serving as beacons of knowledge, research, education, and development, empowering everyone within them to develop skills, acquire knowledge, and gain experiences, so they may all contribute to building a better tomorrow for everyone.”

The construction and development process at Qatar University is a continuous and forward-looking effort, focusing on sustainable enhancements to improve infrastructure and elevate the efficiency of academic and administrative services, aligning with the university’s reputation and community needs.









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