May 24, 2024

DIMDEX Organizing Committee chairman highlights conference’s success in attracting major companies

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) Staff Brigadier (Sea) Abdulbaqi Saleh Al Ansari has highlighted the distinction of this year’s edition as the largest in terms of the number of participating delegations, which reached 110 official delegations comprising senior figures, considering this number significant for such military events.

Al Ansari highlighted, on the sidelines of the opening of the eighth edition of DIMDEX, the diversity of exhibitors representing more than 200 international and national companies specialized in security and defence, in addition to the presence of nine major international pavilions, confirming the significance the exhibition has attained, becoming a focal point for major global companies due to its positive impact on their marketing operations and its role as a global platform for knowledge exchange on security issues.

He noted that for the first time, the exhibition attracted several companies specializing in land operations as a form of expansion while retaining its maritime identity, encompassing participation from air forces, academies, and military colleges as educational institutions, providing an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and potentials in education in front of other colleges, especially since some of them are new, alongside a large group of national and local companies and the armed forces in all their branches.

Regarding the conference of naval leaders in the Middle East scheduled to be held tomorrow in partnership with the Strategic Studies Center of the Armed Forces, Al Ansari explained that this year’s conference is focused on economic growth prospects amid security challenges and their global impact, focusing on maritime work from military and economic aspects, and the impact of maritime security on economies as maritime security is directly linked to economies, noting that it will witness the participation of a large number of thought leaders and military leaders, including Qatari and international speakers, reflecting different perspectives on current issues and challenges.

He highlighted that the organizing committee provides all facilities for exhibitors, starting from shipping exhibits to organizational aspects, facilitating the meeting of exhibitors and clients, expressing gratitude to the participants for their confidence in the exhibition and the organizing committee, especially the exhibitors who consistently participate in its events, urging everyone to visit it, especially as it is not limited to military personnel only but also concerns civilian companies. It is expected that this year, more than 20,000 defence and maritime security specialists will attend to view the latest equipment, supplies, and new defence technology, surpassing the volume of deals compared to previous editions.

DIMDEX 2024, held under the theme “Igniting the Future of Maritime Security and Beyond,” showcases the latest innovations and defence technology in seven halls covering an area of more than 35,000 square meters, in addition to the outdoor exhibition space.

The event provides opportunities for direct meetings and communication with high-level official delegations, military leaders, representatives of government agencies, and government defence procurement agencies, contributing to the conclusion of contracts and agreements with potential buyers and opening up business opportunities for companies. It also serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, gaining insights into various defence-related issues, and acquiring a deeper understanding of emerging geopolitical and security challenges.