May 26, 2024

DJWE most beautiful jewellery show in world, says owner of Djula Paris

Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) is the most beautiful jewellery show in the world, the owner of renowned jewellery brand Djula Paris has said.
Djula Paris, which has been participating in DJWE for the last five editions, has become a centre of attraction for many visitors interested in bold jewellery inspired by an urban lifestyle.
In an exclusive interview with Qatar Tribune, Djula Paris Founder and Artistic Director Alexandre Corrot said, “Historically, we were very popular in Qatar. We always had many clients from Qatar. Four years ago we won the award for the best jewellery brand at DJWE. Now we have two stores in Qatar, one in City Centre and one in Doha Festival City. We hope to see some of our clients whom we did not see in the last two years. We want them to discover new collections at our pavilion. We are waiting for them. Most of our customers are Qataris.”
Corrot said, “Djula’s boutiques are present in the most prestigious cities and locations around the world and Doha is no exception. Qatar is a prime market for Djula, we have a strong client base here and, through this exhibition, we successfully extend our reach to new customers. Djula’s inspiring collections meet every woman’s desire to stand out with its simple yet daring designs and we are constantly creating new collections for those who consider jewellery an essential marker of their personality”.
Talking about the brand, he said, “Djula brand was born 25 years ago in Paris and we try to make our jewellery easy to wear with good price. We make different kinds of jewellery like piercing, we try to be very original, very unique like hand jewellery, head jewellery and we have some new collection almost every month. We try to launch new models all the time. The price range for our products is very large, so we have many, many different clients.”
He said, “Every Djula piercing is a glam-rock work of art. We are proud to offer our customers the possibility to realise their piercings within our pavilion thanks to our talented piercing artists. This is how we turn a pavilion visit into a great experience. Advice, quality and safety are our priority.”
Djula Jewelry Qatar, a branch of Djula Paris, recently announced the opening of its second boutique in Qatar at the Doha Festival City shopping mall.
Djula has successfully introduced bold jewellery inspired by an urban lifestyle and blending art nouveau, glam-rock and pop culture into a modern fusion – one that mirrors today’s world through its creations, and represents the new relationship people have with jewellery.
Following its worldwide expansion and growth since its launch in 1994, it has become a renowned international brand endorsed by many of the world’s leading celebrities.
Djula first marked its presence in the region with the opening of its first store in Qatar in 2019, at City Center Doha, introducing a revolutionary yet delicate take on fine jewellery.