May 28, 2024

Efforts on to reach Gaza truce before Eid Al Fitr: Dr Al Ansari

Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari said there are unwavering Qatari, regional and international efforts for a ceasefire in Gaza ahead of Eid Al Fitr, as the situation on the ground remains extremely complex and humanitarian situation is deteriorating.

Delivering the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ weekly media briefing on Tuesday, Dr Al Ansari expressed his regret that there was no agreement over truce, leading to an end to the fighting before the Holy Month of Ramadan,de-escalation and for the people of Gaza to resume the holy month without day-to-day deaths.

Qatar’s efforts and contacts with all concerned parties will persist as there are still hopes for an agreement to restore peace before Eid Al Fitr, Dr Al Ansari said. Yet, he elaborated that the on-the-ground situation is highly complicated.

He added that Qatar communicates its views without exercising pressures over any side and seeks to push the two parties to reach an agreement as an honest mediator that is positively, effectively and fruitfully engaging in cease-fire efforts and working within the framework of a truce that can provide the appropriate conditions for de-escalation.

Highlighting an initiative to establish a port in Gaza as part of a series of initiatives to increase the aid delivery into the Strip, Dr Al Ansari stressed that Qatar has supported all efforts that enable aid to enter Gaza since day one, with the need for assistance across the Gaza Strip is rising.

Qatar will be among the countries to fund relief delivery into Gaza through this route, but the form and logistical and technical aspects of the aid delivery are still being scrutinized, he added.

While Qatar backs the sea route proposal and will be among the supporters of the aid delivery through it, Dr Al Ansari said it should not replace land corridors that Qatar always demands them remain open and functioning.

Regarding the ongoing mediation efforts concerning Gaza, Dr Al Ansari confirmed that Qatar’s efforts, in collaboration with its partners, to halt the fighting before the blessed Eid Al Fitr.

He noted that numerous high-level meetings and communications have been conducted, including a meeting between Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, and several UK officials. Additionally, there have been intensive communications with various international officials, all focusing on the necessity of ceasing hostilities, securing the entry of aid to the affected, and halting the bloodshed.

He pointed out that Qatar’s airlift, the 85th flight, carrying relief aid for Gaza, has reached the Egyptian city of El Arish, including relief and shelter assistance, totaling 2,506 tonnes sent.

Dr Al Ansari added that the PM will meet next Saturday with Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium Alexander De Croo in Doha. These meetings come within the framework of efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza and facilitate reaching a truce and agreement.

Regarding the ministerial committee on Gaza, Dr Al Ansari clarified that it was tasked with conveying the Arab and Islamic viewpoint to various international parties. It has undertaken several visits, and it is not necessary for these visits to yield any specific developments because the goal is to send the message of Arab and Islamic countries to the active parties in parallel with the negotiation track being conducted through mediators in Qatar and Cairo.

He reviewed the efforts of the ministry, its officials, their meetings, and their participation in regional and international events. This includes meetings by Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, with several American officials, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

They also participated in the sixth session of the strategic dialogue between Qatar and the United States, aiming to coordinate on regional and international issues and enhance bilateral cooperation in all fields. He explained that a memorandum of understanding was signed regarding the establishment of the first American corner at the Community College as part of academic and educational cooperation between the two countries. Moreover, the agreement on the upcoming summit between businessmen from both sides in June was reached.

The topics discussed in this year’s dialogue highlighted the breadth and depth of the relationship between Qatar and the United States, which has lasted for 50 years, ranging from economic and security cooperation to emerging technologies and strengthening ties between the cities and communities in both countries.

He also mentioned the activity of Minister of State for International Cooperation HE Lolwah bint Rashid Al Khater and her visit to the Republic of Sudan, where she met with several officials, directors of agencies, and international humanitarian organizations, overseeing the distribution of 50,000 food baskets to needy families. He pointed out that Qatar’s airlift to Sudan included 13 aircraft carrying over 394 tons of aid.

He emphasized Qatar’s support for Sudan and its constant standing alongside the people in this crisis, and its keenness to preserve the security, stability, unity, and territorial integrity of Sudan.