GWC energy services to change the region’s energy sector


Thanks to its geographical position and natural resources, Qatar is a critical player in the global energy market – and while the country grows and diversifies its economy, energy logistics will remain an essential component of its ongoing success.

GWC Group is firmly established as the leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider in Qatar, and through its new energy services subsidiary, is set to play a key role across the GCC.

The establishment of GWC Energy Services will power GWC’s ambitious expansion plans and support Qatar’s economic diversification, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Tawteen in-country value programme.

Here, Ranjeev Menon, Group CEO of GWC, discusses the vision of GWC Energy Services, and how it is poised to disrupt the status quo through new standards in integrated shipping, logistics and marine services for companies in Qatar, across the GCC and globally.

Why is now the perfect time to launch GWC Energy Services?

Qatar is a global leader in energy production and if you take the six countries in the GCC, there are proven oil reserves of close to 500 billion barrels, roughly a third of global reserves.

Also, if you look at natural gas, this region has the largest reserves in the world.

By creating GWC Energy Services, we are assuring our customers that we are even more committed and focused on enabling them and helping them achieve their goals in the region.

We are showing them we want to work hand-in-hand, as a trusted partner, to ensure their goals are achieved.

The investments GWC has madeand continues to makein this region, especially those related to energy, specifically the oil and gas sector, illustrate our commitment more than ever before.

We want to be an enabler for companies in this sector, which will continue to grow significantly across the GCC in the coming years.

The vision for GWC Energy Services is to become a leader in the supply chain logistics industry in the region. The infrastructure and partnerships we have developed in other countries will give us the leverage to become a regional player in the coming years and eventually take the GWC brand global.

Tell us about GWC’s experience in the energy industry.

We have built up extensive experience over the past two decades – working with clients in Qatar and around the world.

Our vast infrastructure, highly trained staff, unwavering commitment to health and safety, and bespoke IT infrastructure allows us to handle a diverse array of integrated solutions, both offshore and onshore.We are dedicated to supporting growing global energy demand by providing integrated logistics services and supply chain solutions to local and international companies.

From day one, our focus has been on global performance, building long-term relationships, innovation, strong ethics and values, and human capital.

GWC Energy Services will provide expert logistics solutions for the entire energy cycle. It will be committed to helping clients achieve business growth. Our customers’ ambitions and strategic targets will sit at the heart of our actions.

We are proud to be continuing our journey in the energy sector as we support the goals of Qatar, the growth of GWC Group and ongoing value for our esteemed shareholders.

How will GWC Energy Services support the expansion of GWC?

GWC Energy Services opens up a new frontier in a vital industry. GWC started as a warehousing company roughly 20 years ago, operating from a small facility, but today we are a fully integrated logistics player.

If a customer – whether oil and gas, retailer or manufacturing – comes to us, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution, which is very unique. Many companies talk about integrated solutions and end-to-end supply chains – but we truly mean what we offer. And we work hand-in-hand with our customers in order to achieve their goals.

We will continue this ethos with GWC Energy Services – providing a comprehensive and bespoke solution for all our clients in this sector. We see this as a game-changer for energy companies and for GWC Group as we continue to expand.

Tell us about the culture at GWC and how it will ensure GWC Energy Services is successful.

We embrace the challenge of being the go-to brand when clients face logistical difficulties. We embrace their trust and confidence with consistent agility and we have proven over many years that we accept every challenge that comes our way. Our history shows the value we bring to the table for energy companies.

Our customers are very complimentary in terms of the services we provide, including our infrastructure and safety standards, and you can feel this when you walk around our facilities and see how we manage them. These critical elements are part of our culture.

We know that if our customers prosper, we also prosper. What I would say to oil and gas majors is that we understand the terrain in this region. We know how to recruit people, train them, the infrastructure required, customs clearance, in-country rules and regulations, and so on. We understand the landscape and that means they can come and explore. Our job is to make it seamless for them from a logistics point of view.

How is the formation of GWC Energy going to support Tawteen and the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030?

We are aligned with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Tawteen in-country value initiatives. The investments made will contribute significantly to these economic initiatives and, as we continue to grow, enhance the skill base in the country in relation to marine shipping and logistics. We are also making investments that will continue to support micro, small and medium enterprises across the country and region – another boost in terms of economic diversification.






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