ICC Qatar holds webinar on fin crime trends, risk

The International Chamber of Commerce Qatar (ICC Qatar), in partnership with Refinitiv, Protiviti and FinScan by Innovative Systems, is set to hold a webinar to spotlight the latest risk and financial crime trends.
The webinar will take place on Tuesday (May 17) at 10:30 am via Zoom.
The webinar will comprise of presentations from Nipun Srivastava, Managing Director – MD & Leader – FinCrime Compliance from Protiviti MENA; Ibrahim Bennani Doubli, Regional Director of Innovative Systems & FinScan and Marina Agathangelou, Customer Success Manager – EMNAQ Customer and Third-Party Risk Solutions from Refinitiv.
The webinar will look at the recent Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Mutual Evaluations assessments of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC); turn the spotlight on sanctions and the latest financial crime trends following the recent events in Eastern Europe, and address how data quality issues with advanced matching technology can make your risk and compliance initiatives more robust and effective.
Qatar is actively working with the international community to address financial practices to illicit money laundering. In light of the efforts made by the State in confronting financial crimes, the participants will be introduced to the best practices that their institutions must work according to, in order to positively address regulatory challenges.
The webinar will also address the latest developments in financial crimes and will discuss the best practices that organizations can adopt in their efforts to combat these financial crimes.