May 24, 2024

Interior ministry celebrates World Civil Defense Day

The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defense, celebrated World Civil Defense Day, which falls on March 1 of each year.

The celebration aims to show appreciation for the efforts made by civil defence departments to upkeep security and safety and work to innovate and develop systems, programs and plans that help civil defence personnel carry out their roles fully.

Held at the Officers Club of the General Directorate of Civil Defense, the celebration was attended by Director-General of Civil Defense Major General Hamad Othman Al Duhaimi and several department directors and officers of the General Directorate of Civil Defense.

Al Duhaimi said in his speech on this occasion that the General Directorate of Civil Defense is keen to celebrate World Civil Defense Day every year as an embodiment of the great and important role played by all member states of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) to maintain the security and safety of societies from the consequences of disasters and dangers that lead to losses of lives and property which is a role that always requires updating and developing to ensure a better response speed and coordination in managing emergencies.

He added that the slogan of World Civil Defense Day 2024 reflects the role of technologies in helping civil defence personnel handle dangers and disasters and reduce losses as well as its role in completing transactions through the e-services of the Prevention Department and the General Directorate of Civil Defense, in addition to educating the community about all the surrounding dangers and how to prevent them with equipment and latest devices and preparations.

Al Duhaimi said that ever since the establishment of the fire department, several directors have taken over its management and made a lot of effort and dedication to develop it. The development is on a continuous path to serve society in line with the vision of the Ministry of Interior.

The celebration included a presentation on the work done by the General Directorate of Civil Defense in employing innovative technologies in the service of civil defence. Thanks to innovative technologies, civil defence personnel in the inspection and licensing department of the Prevention Department were able to take notes on technical inspection reports and use a special application linking the Prevention Department and the Ministry of Municipality.

The presentation showed that the communications branch of the Planning and Warning Systems Department of the Department of Operations carries out its activities in coordination with the National Command Centre (NCC) by receiving reports and quickly responding to them by directing civil defence teams to the sites using modern technological programs and systems.

It additionally reviewed several other technologies used by the Department of Operations including a search and rescue vehicle used to find the injured and those trapped in tunnels, narrow spaces and wells. The vehicle is equipped with a camera to detect depth and distance.