Israel deliberately targeting mediato stop them from reporting truth

Although Israel directly and deliberately targets media workers to silence those who report the truth, double standards and bias prevailed the global media coverage of the tragic events and conditions experienced by the residents of the Gaza Strip to influence shaping global public opinion, Chairperson of Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani has said.

Sheikh Hamad made the remarks at the opening of the meeting of Information Ministers in the GCC countries along with GCC Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Development Affairs Khalid bin Ali Al Sunaidi on Thursday.

He underlined the importance of coordination between joint Gulf media efforts to work on publishing and broadcasting Palestinian content in various languages, to build international public opinion supportive of legitimate Palestinian issues and rights, which was emphasised by the 159th Ministerial Meeting of the GCC States, which was recently held in Riyadh.

He pointed out that the different challenges facing Gulf societies are imposed by the internal, regional or international environment, pointing that these challenges place on the those responsible for media the burden of improving the performance and content of various media outlets to reflect the aspirations and interests of Gulf societies, keep pace with the rapid regional and international developments, and contribute to achieving greater integration and unity among the Gulf countries, in a way that translates the vision and directions of the leaders of the GCC countries.

The QMC chairman added that emphasis must be put on the GCC joint media cooperation strategy 2023-2030, the general framework of which was approved by the 43rd session of the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

He expressed hope to raise the level of integration and coherence in GCC media work in order to achieve a common Gulf media vision.

For his part, Sunaidi thanked Qatar for supporting the process of joint Gulf action, especially in the field of media. He also congratulated the attendees on the 43rd anniversary of the founding of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which falls on May 25.

Sunaidi reviewed the most important topics to be discussed at the meeting, which would work to develop and enhance cooperation between the GCC countries in the field of media.

The ministers discussed a number of topics pertaining to joint media cooperation among the Gulf countries, including enactment of regulatory controls for electronic commercial advertising mechanisms on social media sites and platforms. The meeting also stressed the necessity of preparing an awareness-raising media plan that includes protecting morals, socialisation and instilling Gulf values and identity, in addition to creating a digital initiative on digital safety for children in GCC countries.