May 24, 2024

Jewellers under Al Darwish banner shine at DJWE 2022

Global jewellery brands, which exhibited their unique pieces under the umbrella of Al Darwish Jewellery at the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) 2022, stole the spotlight during the six-day-long expo that concluded in Doha on Saturday.
As many as 14 jewellery brands from India, Turkey, Europe and Qatar put on display their latest exclusive collections to attract the attention of a large number of visitors to the pavilion of Al Darwish Jewellery throughout the exhibition.
“It was a very busy exhibition for us as our permanent outlets at the Al Darwish Jewellery showroom have made us more popular in Qatar,” exhibitors at the Al Darwish Jewellery pavilion told Qatar Tribune.
India’s fast-emerging jewellery brand Nafees, which put on display its latest line of vibrant gemstone and diamond set couture jewels, was one of the prime attractions at the pavilion.
“We have participated in DJWE earlier also, but this time it’s a different experience as this is the first time we are participating in this mega exhibition when we have a permanent boutique in association with Al Darwish Jewellery in Doha. Having a boutique here in Qatar does help as an exhibitor. The customers feel more relaxed and more comfortable in placing an order when they know that you have a permanent shop here. It also makes it easier to deliver products to local customers,” Anju Jain, one of the founders of Nafees, said.
While we have a good number of loyal customers in Qatar, Jain said, “Our association with Al Darwish Jewellery has given her brand more popularity among Qatari clientele.”
“The vibrant gemstone and diamond set couture jewels of Nafees are exemplary in craftsmanship and bespoke services are always in demand within the elite families of Qatar and the Middle East. The Al Darwish family in particular and many other prominent Qatari families have always appreciated our products and this is the reason why we are having a very successful exhibition this time,” Jain said.
RK Jewellers is another Indian brand that attracted the attention of many visitors at the exhibition with its new line of fine jewellery.
RK Jewellers MD Rohan Sharma said, “We have been receiving an overwhelming response to our products since the very first day of the exhibition. Qataris have a great liking for our jewellery and this exhibition is another opportunity for us to get in touch with new customers. This time we have an added advantage that we now have a shop in Qatar. New customers feel more confident when they know that you are here on a permanent basis. Now we have made it easier for our customers to come, see and select our products as we have a showroom to take care of their aftersales needs.”
Bishan Singh Jasbir Singh Jewellers (Bishan), one of India’s leading jewellery brands, also partnered with Al Darwish Jewellery to showcase new pieces of gold and diamond jewellery at the exhibition.
According to Sunint Singh Chadha, the company’s owner, Bishan put on display the widest selection of carefully chosen exquisite jewellery collections and fine diamond pieces specially designed for its clients in Qatar.
“We have witnessed increasing demand for our products at the exhibition. Our partnership with the Al Darwish family whom we have known for a long time has given us an added advantage to us,” Chadha said.
Known for excellent craftsmanship, high-quality standards and an exhaustive range of classic and contemporary design, Chadha said, Bishan’s statement jewellery will make you feel as if you are wearing a piece of art and a testament to its own craftsmanship with its unique design and colours.
With rich experience in the gems and jewellery business, the brand has become a celebrated name for stunning designs and collections among its clients in Qatar and the Middles East.
Bishan’s products are revered for their handpicked and exclusive designs that feature in their gold and diamond jewellery collections.
With new pieces on display, ARAYA, another Indian brand, attracted the attention of many visitors at the exhibition.
A vision of fifth-generation jewellers, Ashni and Sidhant Kothari, ARAYA is a private jeweller specialising in crafting exceptional modern high jewellery. With unparalleled access to the finest gemstones and meticulous craftsmanship, ARAYA stood out from others with its ability to deliver one of kind pieces of art.
ARAYA Modern High Jewelry Co-founder & Creative Director Ashni Kothari said, “We brought new pieces especially designed for this exhibition. We receive very good response from the visitors.”
House of Gems, another brand that exhibited under the banner of Al Darwish Jewellery, witnessed many visitors at its stall
Sahil Parakh of House of Gems said that it was very successful in terms of getting connected with old and new customers and the overall sales.
Italian brand Moratti, which entered the Middle East market by opening its first outlet in Qatar, was the point of reference for its extraordinary creations at the pavilion.
“Each masterpiece is a work of art that comes from an exhilarating journey between multi-ethnic cultures and is brought to life by the hands of fine Italian craftsmen,” Gaurav Nigam of Moratti said.
“We have introduced a good number of new designs at the exhibition. Each of our designs is a result of an exhilarating journey between multi-ethnic cultures and influences, through nature. Translated into reality by the hands of fine Italian craftsmen, each Moratti masterpiece is a work of art brought to life and tells a different story, a story that we are now proud enough to share with people in Qatar,” Nigam said.
“Our association with the Al Darwish family and the liking for our products among Qataris always give us the confidence to open participation in this mega exhibition. We have been receiving a very good response ever since this exhibition opened. Our goal is always to come to the expectations, especially of our female clients in Qatar,” he said.
“Moratti works to pursue perfection and shape a universe of jewellery that is unforgettable,” Nigam said.
Famous Turkish jewellery brand Kiswah, which partnered with Al Darwish Jewellery to open its first outlet in Qatar last year, was one of the major attractions at the pavilion.
Kiswah designed and put on display an exquisite collection exclusively for the exhibition.
Believing in the power of Turkey’s mighty heritage, the collections of Kiswah are based on the historical eras of 4,000 years old civilisation and its rich artistic background.
“It was one of the most successful exhibitions for us in Qatar. We received a very good response from the exhibitors. We have been exhibiting in Qatar for a long time. When we came to Qatar for the first time, we exhibited on our own. The second time we exhibited in association with Al Darwish Jewellery. We associated with Al Darwish Jewellery because of their love for the Kiswah brand,” Kiswah President Bekir Kantarci said.
“Qataris are one of our main customers as many of them used to buy our products from showrooms in Turkey. It is because of their liking for our products that we have come to Qatar. Through this exhibition, we want to make the Kiswah brand more popular in Qatar,” Kantarci said.
Kantarci also took the opportunity to announce that Kiswah was all set to launch its own brand of perfumes in Qatar.
“We deal in old perfumes in antique bottles that we have bought from Ottoman Empire. We see a huge demand for such Turkish made perfumes in antique bottles here in Qatar. Besides, there are many handmade high-end art pieces that we deal in. We will be opening our perfume outlet under the Al Darwish banner soon,” he said.
“We have always received very good responses from our customers in Qatar. Our association with Al Darwish Jewellery has made us more popular in Qatar. We are quite bullish about the Qatari market,” Kantarci said.
Another brand from Turkey, Liebe Jewels also hogged the limelight throughout the exhibition.
Adem Kurtulmus of Liebe Jewels said that it was a very successful exhibition for the brand.
“There was a hunger for our products here at the exhibition as it was held after a gap of two years,” Kurtulmus said.