May 28, 2024

LuLu launches ‘Taste of Poland’ promotion


LuLu Hypermarket is delighted to announce the commencement of the ‘Taste of Poland’ promotion, a unique cultural and culinary celebration set to run until March 1 across all its branches in Qatar.

The inauguration ceremony, held at the LuLu Pearl Qatar outlet, was led by Ambassador of Poland to Qatar HE Janusz Janke. The event was graced by esteemed members from the Embassy of Poland in Qatar, the Polish delegation, and various distinguished guests, creating a delightful celebration.

Highlights of the ‘Taste of Poland’ promotion include irresistible offers on a diverse range of Poland-branded products, transforming it into a shopping extravaganza for enthusiasts of Polish culture and cuisine. The event featured attractive displays showcasing Poland’s finest products, complemented by Poland-themed decor that enhanced the festive atmosphere, providing a truly immersive experience.

A notable aspect of the promotion was the live cooking and sampling of traditional Polish dishes at the Polka restaurant, the first Polish restaurant in Qatar. Customers thoroughly enjoyed the authentic taste of Poland at the Polka restaurant kiosk.

While addressing the inaugural ceremony, Janusz Janke thanked Lulu Group for initiating steps to organise the ‘Taste of Poland’ promotion that gives a boost for Polish products in Qatar.

The promotion underlines the cooperation between Poland and Lulu Group. The promotion assumes significance as it unveils the rich vividity of Poland’s food and farming sectors. Poland is known for its quality dairy products and Taste. Poland features many of these at Lulu.

With its potential of attracting the buyers and easily reaching the customers Lulu is the best place to sell the Polish products,” the Polish ambassador said.

The first of its kind initiative in Qatar, Janke said, Taste of Poland lends the visitors an opportunity to explore Polish cuisine. “Buyers can find many products ranging from fruits to dairy products at Taste of Poland,” he said.

Exuding his confidence that the ‘Taste of Poland’ promotion will open a new door for Polish products to Qatar and the Middle East, Janke said Poland is keen to further strengthen its ties with Lulu in the region to find a market for the food products.

“Qatar is an important market for Poland and it’s the gateway to the regional market. We are looking to bring in more products to the region and expand the areas of cooperation with Lulu Group and the government entities while tapping the potential of the regional market,” he said, adding that such initiatives will be beneficial for farmers and business entities in Poland.

In a statement released on the occasion, LuLu Group International Director Dr Mohamed Althaf said Lulu is glad to feature the Polish products and Taste of Poland is a strategic step towards Lulu’s expansion plans to the Central European Region.

“Our presence is currently there in various European countries. We are stepping into the Baltic region as the first international retail chain. Lulu’s idea is to start from Poland which is an emerging hub of food production. The country is a shining star when it comes to production,” he said, adding that Lulu will host the Taste of Poland promotion in upcoming years with additions.

Althaf noted the promotion is the continuation of Lulu delegation’s last year’s visit to Poland and a prelude to the upcoming ventures. “Poland is the country where Lulu is eying on further expansion in Poland where the group is planning to establish sourcing and export hubs. We have cooperation with several European countries where the group is setting up sourcing and food processing units. This is to ensure food availability, uninterrupted supply, and stable price in the market,” Althaf said.

The director of Lulu Group said Lulu is keen to support the local production initiatives and farmers in Qatar and across the world while implementing innovative initiatives. “Lulu does its utmost to ensure global food security while spreading its wings to more areas,” he said.

The promotion featured a diverse selection of products from renowned Polish brands, including exclusive items specially imported for the event.

Lulu Group signed two MoUs with Poland government entities, Olsztyn Mazury Airport, and the Polish Investment & Trade Agency, further solidifying its commitment to the Central European region. Under the first MOU, Lulu will establish a facility at Olsztyn Mazury Airport to source, pack, and export fresh produce, such as apples, berries, cheeses, meat, and other packed food products to the MENA, India, and Far East regions.

The second MoU with the Polish Investment & Trade Agency will streamline investment and operational processes for Lulu Group in Poland, opening new opportunities in various business sectors.

The ‘Taste of Poland’ promotion is not only a celebration of Polish culture and cuisine but also a testament to Lulu Group’s commitment to global food security, supporting local production initiatives, and implementing innovative strategies in the ever-expanding market.





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