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Biocare sanitizers is a newly founded Manufacture in Qatar as a part of Aladdin Group.
which is a multinational group, and the main office has been installed in Serbia.
Biocare sanitizers are specialized in producing Eco-Friendly products that guarantee safe use, ex…Sanitizers-Cleaning products- Vet Care products. Etc…

Benefits of our products:
Our products are more effective, last longer and offer several benefits over other products
Biocare® is a natural, non-alcohol high-level disinfectant & sanitizer produced by German ECA technology. It comprises of Sodium Chloride (Salt) and Electrolyzed Water (+mV). The Oxidation Reduction Potential of the activated water along with two elements destroy of microorganisms by high oxidation power.

Biocare® is incredibly flexible with a variety of applications, that work to protect your environment from bacteria, viruses, fungi and all germs.

Biocare® Electrolyzed water contains NO harsh chemicals, but it is 50 times more effective than bleach at killing all germs.

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