May 28, 2024

About Company

Fast-growing delivery transport and logistic solutions for high-grade
Gabro rocks; providing transportation, shipping solutions and
services, offshore and onshore. Our specialized teams and huge
fleet of trucks and tippers allow us to provide efficient solutions for
our clients and partners.
One of Qatar’s leading gabro importers
• Gabro Supply
• Shipping
• Land transportation

• Fully Qatari Owned Company with excellent rapport and connections
• Diversified staff with loads of experience in the trade.
• We built, managed and operated Simaisama port for 6 years.
• Financial Strength.
• In-House assets to delivery your cargo from port to your door.
• Lastly, but not the least we have multifold experience in cargo deliveries.


Elegancia Gabro Trading & Transport
Elegancia Gabro Trading & Transport

Contact Details

+974 4411 6355
Building No. 230, Street 303, Zone 69, Lusail City, Qatar.