May 28, 2024

About Company

The General Company for Water and Beverages is committed to supplying the highest quality water and beverage products to all of its customers and agents, in a manner that exceeds their expectations in terms of quality, associated services and on time delivery.

To apply the highest level of professionalism in implementing all operations and work activities in a healthy and safe environment that contributes to the diversity and growth of Qatar’s Economy.

Our philosophy is guided by the following ideas:
. To treat our customers and employees with the utmost respect and trust
. To maintain quality control for the utmost satisfaction of our customers
. To create innovative solutions

The Company has the following objectives:
• Producing and providing mineral drinking water and beverages to the Qatar market with the highest standards of quality and purity.
• Maximizing the company’s share in the mineral water and beverages market.
Those objectives motivate the company’s employees and give them a sense of unity, direction and belongingness.



General Company for Water and Beverages
General Company for Water and Beverages

Contact Details

00974 44205555, Fax : 00974 44885518
508, Doha, Qatar