May 24, 2024

About Company

QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems – NAFFCO is a dedicated proponent of the philosophy that fire protection is not just a service, but a way of life. With over 20 years of experience in Qatar, our unwavering commitment to keeping our clients safe and their property secure has positioned us as the unparalleled leader in the fire safety industry in the State of Qatar. We take great pride in offering the latest technologies and excellent products from world-class manufacturers, and our certifications from local and international authorities in areas such as manufacturing, design, installation, testing, commissioning, after sales service, and maintenance of all types of fire safety systems serve as a testament to our outstanding growth and unwavering commitment to quality.

Furthermore, our recognition by the QATAR Civil Defense Department (QCDD) further solidifies our status as a renowned leader in fire protection solutions. Our highly skilled engineering team consistently pushes the boundaries of fire safety technology, constantly designing, supplying, supervising, and innovating to overcome even the most complex business challenges.

Our success is driven by our unwavering “passion to protect”, and our vision is to become the world’s foremost provider of innovative solutions in protecting life, environment, and property.

With the continued support and trust of our valued clients, QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems is poised for further growth, with a goal of providing complete fire safety solutions under one roof. We deeply appreciate your business and your unwavering commitment to safety in the workplace, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you for decades to come.

Our Vision:

QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems envisions becoming the leader in the region for the manufacture and export of high-quality products and innovative system solutions that prioritize the protection of people’s lives, property, and the environment.

Our Mission:

The mission of QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems is to elevate our manufacturing facilities to world-class standards, with a steadfast commitment to supporting our valued clients and customers in the State of Qatar. We aim to safeguard their lives and property by delivering high-quality products made in Qatar to the region, thereby ensuring the utmost safety and protection for our customers.

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