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United Consultants is a leading Doha-based architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical consultancy that has developed a broad portfolio of professional services that are sensitive to the demands of the Qatari marketplace.

Its comprehensive analysis and final deliverables provide clients with cost-effective services without sacrificing a high-quality, and reliable assessment.

The entire team at United Consultants believes that their role goes far beyond design and project coordination. Indeed, the firm is renowned for spending as much time as is necessary in the creative pursuit of perfection, including coordination with the client’s consultants and governmental agencies, reviewing energy requirements, reviewing building and zoning laws and preparing construction contracts. In addition, the firm assists in the selection of contractors, makes site inspections, and solves construction problems in a way that is beneficial to all parties involved.

Our Website:- www.uc-qatar.com


United Consultants
United Consultants

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