MoCI hails car dealers’ obligations to deliver 4,000 new vehicles to consumers

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has hailed car dealers and suppliers’ adherence to the circular the ministry has issued regarding their obligations to consumers when purchasing or reserving vehicles, confirming the delivery of a roughly 4,000 new vehicles to consumers.

In a statement on Tuesday, the MoCI indicated that such an adherence comes based on the periodic and extensive campaigns carried out by the MoCI’s inspectors on car agencies to ensure their adherence to the circular no (1) of 2023, determining the car suppliers’ obligations to consumers when they purchase or reserve vehicles.

It pointed out that the Consumer Protection and Combating Commercial Fraud has already issued the circular No. (1) of 2023, through preparing “the delivery deadline” form that includes mandatory data in accordance with the provisions of the law.

It pointed out that this came based on the law no (8) of 2008, regarding consumer protection, and its modifications on suppliers’ obligations, and ways of implementing them through conditions and standards that conform to the law’s provisions and its executive regulation. However, the obligations shall come within the framework of ensuring consumers’ rights towards those who deal with them to fulfill their essential needs, based on article no (8) on consumers’ rights to obtain other data, as determined by the executive regulation of this law which stipulated in its fourth article the kind of data that must be provided in the document issued by the suppliers.

In addition, the MoCI stated that it had given car suppliers residing in the State of Qatar one week deadline effective from the date of knowledge of this decision to regularize their situation and adhere to the circular’s contents, in addition to notifying the Consumer Protection and Combating Commercial Fraud of what has been implemented in this regard.

It asserted that once the deadline is expired, the MoCI would intensify its inspection campaigns to monitor car suppliers’ adherence to these rules, stressing that it would firmly confront everyone who neglects his obligations enshrined in the law no (8) of 2008, on consumer protection and its executive regulation.