MoCI Undersecretary leads Qatar’s delegation to GCC meet in Riyadh

Sultan bin Rashid Al Khater, Undersecretary of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, headed Qatar’s delegation in the second extraordinary meeting of GCC’s undersecretaries of Industry, held in Riyadh.
Their excellencies, Undersecretaries discussed some of the topics on the agenda, that will contribute to improve Gulf countries joint actions, and promote their integrated industries. The meeting addressed adopting an integrated strategy to improve GCC’s Industries by seeking the increase of added value from manufacturing sector, and raising industrial competitiveness indicator worldwide, in addition to lifting private sector participation through SMEs.
During the meeting, update and modification of the law of integrated industrial organization and its executive regulations were discussed as well, in order to fulfill GCC countries’ ambitions of building smart industries, and encourage the shift towards fourth industrial revolution based on innovation and sustainability.