May 26, 2024

PSA launches opinion survey for data users


The Planning and Statistics Authority has launched a broad opinion poll for its data users, as part of the continuous evaluation process for the various data issued by the authority in its various versions.
The authority said the survey primarily targets five categories of users — media professionals, partners, international organizations, the Planning and Statistics Authority’s employees, and data professionals.
The agency is implementing the opinion poll in electronic form by submitting a special questionnaire for each of these five targeted categories. The content of each questionnaire is closely related to the nature of the work and specialty of each category.
The opinion poll is launched in light of the importance of the opinions of data users as one of the core bases upon which the Planning and Statistics Authority builds its plans in the process of development and modernization, and its constant endeavour to provide its services in best and easiest ways, and keeping pace of the state of the art technologies, methods and mechanisms for disseminating data and statistics, arranging and indexing them in a way that provides the most useful experience possible for the user.