May 28, 2024

Qatar affirms interest in veto initiative, recognising its importance in embodying UN General Assembly’s significant role

 Qatar has affirmed its interest in the Veto Initiative, out of its recognition of its importance in embodying the significant role of the United Nations General Assembly under the organization’s Charter, which grants it jurisdiction in matters related to the preservation of international peace and security.

Qatar said that it is imperative for the General Assembly to continue assuming this role and to persist in discussing issues where the veto is used within the most comprehensive representative body of the United Nations, especially as these issues encompass various economic, social, humanitarian, and rights aspects.

This came in a statement delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations Jassim Al Maawda before the UN General Assembly on Agenda Item 60 entitled “Use of the veto”, in accordance with Resolution 76/262 of which Qatar was among the core group of states proposing it, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Al Maawda said that since the adoption of the resolution, the role of the General Assembly concerning the preservation of international peace and security has expanded significantly, as the initiative has facilitated the formulation of a more effective and integrated relationship between the two bodies within the framework of maintaining international peace and security.

He pointed out that the General Assembly has held five meetings since the beginning of its current session, including three meetings regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, due to the repeated failure and inability of the Security Council to fulfil its role and responsibilities in responding to this unprecedented humanitarian crisis following the use of the veto by permanent member states. This provided an important opportunity for a serious discussion in the General Assembly, reflecting international consensus on the demand for the immediate cessation of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the protection of innocent Palestinians according to international humanitarian law, he added.

He further said that Resolution 76/262 does not seek to encroach upon the mandate or tasks of the Security Council, noting that the resolution’s addressing of the veto issue is limited to matters related to the role and functions of the General Assembly in accordance with its mandate under the Charter. Moreover, it does not interfere with the intergovernmental negotiation process regarding Security Council reform concerning the veto issue, he added.

Qatar sees the adoption of Resolution 76/262 and the discussions that have taken place and will continue to take place in the General Assembly regarding issues where the veto is used as an opportunity to push towards achieving the desired consensus and to strive to avoid future use of the veto in such matters, thereby fulfilling the Security Council’s responsibility in preserving international peace and security, Al Maawda underlined.

He stressed that Qatar, based on its known commitment to the principle of the plurality of parties, reaffirms the central role of the General Assembly as the most comprehensive representative body within the United Nations. He further stated that the State supports building upon this initiative by allowing the General Assembly to make recommendations on issues where the Security Council has not fulfilled its role and responsibilities, especially cases related to serious violations of human rights and threats to international peace and security.