May 24, 2024

Qatar Charity implements ‘Feed the Fasting’ project in Gaza

In parallel with the persistent humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Qatar Charity (QC) is continuingits humanitarian efforts there as part of its Ramadan campaign ‘Endless Giving’.

Under the ‘Feed the Fasting’ project, Qatar Charity is distributingmeals, food packages, and bags of flour. Approximately 300,000 individuals have so far benefited from these distributions, with further assistance expected to be distributed to the crisis-affected during Ramadan.

So far, the number of the distributed ready-to-eat meals has reached 150,000, in addition to providing 12,000 food baskets and 13,200 bags of flour.

The ‘Feed the Fasting’ project contributes to alleviating the suffering of the people of Gaza due to the severe shortage of food supplies and the absence of provisions for breaking fast during the sacred month.

This initiative stands as a continuation of the humanitarian efforts spearheaded by Qatar Charity in Gaza since October.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity is actively implementing its Ramadan projects in 40 countries worldwide through its field offices and local partners. With a focus on Palestine, internally displaced Syrians, Somalia, Yemen, and Bangladesh, including Rohingya refugees, these Ramadan projects encompass Feed the Fasting, Zakat Al Fitr, and Eid Clothing.

Qatar Charity encourages benefactors in Qatar to seize the opportunity of the blessed month to provide relief to the people in Gaza and other countries, especially crisis-affected regions. Their contributions will help Qatar Charity provide ready-to-eat meals and food baskets to alleviate the suffering caused by food shortages.