February 27, 2024

Qatar Charity opens four orphanages in Bangladesh

Qatar Charity has opened four orphanages in Bangladesh that includes several facilities to provide a suitable environment for their education and care for them, as it is expected that 800 orphan children will benefit from them.

These homes were established in three different regions of Bangladesh: Gazipur, Meherpur, and Brahmanbaria, each of them includes classrooms, a residential section, a kitchen, and a dining hall, in addition to teachers’ rooms and toilets.

During their participation in the inauguration activities, the Bengali local authorities praised the importance of opening these homes and the role of Qatar Charity in caring for the orphans and poor children, especially since these facilities were established in areas that need them.

Shams Alam Prodan, a local official in the Gazipur region, said: “Because of the construction of the new building, orphaned children will now have a beautiful educational environment.”

He appreciated the role of Qatar Charity and the supporters of the people of Qatar.

Muhammad Arshad Ali, a local official in Mahirpur district, said: “Building and furnishing these homes is a social and educational work that deserves appreciation, given that it is dedicated to orphaned children and supports them with the aim of making their future bright.”

He hoped that the work would continue. The orphan children expressed their happiness at the opening of the new schools and their acceptance of them.

Akram Hussein, a fifth-grade student, said: “How happy and lucky we are, because we study and live in the house that embraced us.”

The orphan, Muhammad Suleiman, said with a smile: “The environment here is comfortable,” adding that it is a very nice and new building, with clean beds in the interior.

Qatar Charity provides educational services to students in crisis-affected areas and disadvantaged communities around the world. In Bangladesh, it continues to build schools and orphanage centers and sponsors orphans as well as students, the disabled and children of poor families through its ‘Rofaqa’ initiative.

In the past five years, Qatar Charity has built more than 45 homes and orphanage centers in Bangladesh that include schools, boarding departments, and other facilities benefiting more than 12,000 students. It currently sponsors nearly 3,500 orphaned children there, providing them with care and seeking to secure a prosperous future for them.