Advisor to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and official spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HE Dr Majed bin Mohammad Al Ansari has underlined that Qatar will always stand by the Palestinian brothers in the face of Israeli violations that directly affect civilians’ lives and have no justification.

During the media briefing held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, Dr Al Ansari said Qatar is keen to de-escalate the situations in the Palestinian territories, and its efforts began with the start of this new escalation, confirming that the efforts will remain permanent and constant.

He stressed that the attack on Gaza that occurred today and yesterday indicates that there is an apparent Israeli violation of all agreements, including the previous pacification rounds.

Official spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the Qatari role in reducing the violence in the Palestinian territories will continue, and the escalation will never stop by one round of negotiations. Therefore, what Doha is currently seeking is to save lives through swift measures to halt violence and the constant Israeli assaults.