May 28, 2024

Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition 2024 kicks off with wide participation

Under the patronage of Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, and organized by the Ministry of Municipality, the eleventh edition of the Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition 2024 started on Wednesday, at the Expo 2023 Doha venue.


The event was inaugurated by Minister of Municipality HEAbdullah bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Attiyah, who delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, emphasizing the government’s support for the vital agricultural sector in the country.


“We are proud of the progress our agricultural sector has achieved. We have witnessed a significant increase in our local production in recent years, thanks to the continuous support provided by our esteemed government to farmers,” he said.


He added, “Since 2017, the government has been supporting agricultural producers with an annual amount of QR70mn, in addition to numerous projects and initiatives implemented by the ministry to enhance food security and resource management efficiency.”


During his speech, the minister highlighted the productivity surge witnessed in the agricultural sector in recent years, with a 98 percentincrease in fresh vegetable production compared to five years ago, and a 35 percentincrease in cultivated areas using protected greenhouse technology.


The minister also mentioned the increase in self-sufficiency rates of local vegetables from 24 percentin 2017 to 42 percentin 2023, achieving full self-sufficiency of 100 percentin fresh dairy products and poultry.


He emphasized that the government’s support for agricultural producers is not limited to financial aid, but also includes providing support materials such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and advanced agricultural services, contributing to comprehensive support for agricultural development in the country.


The minister highlighted agricultural marketing programs launched, such as the Distinguished Vegetables Program and the Qatar Farmers Program, along with the establishment of agricultural markets and the Agricultural Marketing Center, aiming to enhance the value of local products and increase farmers’ income.


He concluded, “We are committed to supporting farmers by providing necessary agricultural materials and implementing marketing programs to increase sales channels, with the aim of enhancing the value of local products and boosting farmers’ income.”


Mohammed Ali Al Khouri, Secretary-General of Expo Doha 2023, shared his thoughts with Qatar Tribune, saying: “We believe in the importance of this exhibition as a platform for exchanging expertise and knowledge. The 11th Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition 2024 is a convergence of innovation, technology, and sustainability, all at the core of agriculture and horticulture.”


“This exhibition serves as a vital arena for showcasing the latest advancements in agricultural technology, which play a pivotal role in enhancing our agricultural production sustainably and efficiently,” said Al Khouri.


He continued, “This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for our country and international participants to showcase their agricultural achievements. We are enthusiastic about witnessing how this event will contribute significantly to the promotion of sustainable agriculture and the attainment of food security goals not only for our region but for the entire world.”


Al Khouri emphasized, “The diverse range of exhibits and activities at the Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition highlights the growing interest and importance of agriculture and its products in Qatar and the wider region.”


Following the official opening of the exhibition, the minister and distinguished guests embarked on an exciting tour of the diverse and rich sections of the exhibition.


They enthusiastically interacted with innovative exhibits and modern technologies in agriculture, noting a significant development in the use of technology in the agricultural sector.


The minister and the esteemed guests listened to detailed explanations from participants who showcased modern agricultural technologies and their products.


This tour was an opportunity to learn about the future of agriculture in Qatar and the world, as modern technologies were seamlessly integrated with the environment and its needs, promising a bright future for the agricultural sector in the country.


At the end of the tour, the minister and the esteemed guests expressed their great admiration for what they witnessed at the exhibition’s opening ceremony, confirming the clear progress made by the agricultural sector in the country.


They exchanged praise and appreciation with the exhibitors for their efforts in developing the sector, expressing their hope for continued progress and success in the future.


The Qatar International Agricultural Exhibition 2024 includes numerous diverse activities and events covering agricultural, livestock, educational, and entertainment fields.


The exhibition witnessed significant participation, with 259 exhibitors taking part. The diversity of the exhibition was evident with the participation of 30 different countries, each showcasing their distinctive agricultural technologies and products.


This participation comes within the framework of supporting the agricultural sector in Qatar, as the exhibition witnessed the participation of 106 farms representing tangible efforts to enhance local production.


One of the highlights of the exhibition was honey, with 30 exhibitors showcasing their products, in addition to 40 exhibitors offering various local date products. These numbers reflect the significant interaction and growing interest in agriculture and its products in Qatar and the region at large.