May 24, 2024

Qatar: Need to distinguish between terrorism and legitimate resistance to foreign occupation

Qatar has affirmed its condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, regardless of its motives, wherever and by whomever it is committed, and the necessity of distinguishing between terrorism and legitimate resistance to foreign occupation and the right to self-determination of peoples under occupation.

This came in Qatar’s statement during the interactive dialogue with the special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of combating terrorism, which was delivered by Third Secretary of the International Organizations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdulrahman Sultan Al Marzooqi before the Human Rights Council at its 55th session.



Marzooqi said the spread of terrorism and violent extremism continues to pose a serious threat to international peace and security, the basic enjoyment of human rights and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

He stressed the need for efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism and to address the root causes based on a comprehensive approach that is compatible with international human rights standards, which also achieves the balance with security necessities.

“The UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (GCTS) remains the most comprehensive basic framework and therefore must be implemented with its four pillars in an integrated and balanced manner, continuously reviewed and taking into account emerging challenges and threats,” he added.

“Qatar continues to cooperate with the UN agencies concerned with combating terrorism and to take the necessary measures to reduce terrorism and violent extremism at the national, regional and international levels,” he continued.

He also explained that the comprehensive national strategy to combat terrorism, which was adopted in June 2022, included action items related to strengthening democratic practices and human rights, protecting the rights of victims, enhancing the rule of law as well as societal safety and peace.

Qatar has contributed to supporting many initiatives and centres aimed at combating terrorism, most notably hosting the International Hub on Behavioural Insights to Counter Terrorism, and the UN Office of Parliamentary Participation in Preventing and Combating Terrorism, Marzooqi added.