May 24, 2024

Qatar rejects Israeli PM’s empty accusations

Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari has categorically rejected the accusations made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Qatar’s mediation efforts in Gaza.

In a statement on X platform, Dr Al Ansari said, “The Israeli prime minister’s recent statements calling on Qatar to pressure Hamas to release the hostages are nothing but a new attempt to stall and prolong the war for reasons that have become obvious to everyone.”

He further stated that the Israeli PM knows very well of Qatar’s commitment from day one to mediation efforts, ending the crisis, and freeing the hostages.

“This was made evident by the success of the previous humanitarian truce in freeing 109 hostages proving that mediation is the only effective method in securing the return of the hostages, de-escalation, and protecting regional security,” he added.

“We categorically reject the empty accusations made by the Israeli Prime Minister regardingQatari efforts in reconstruction and providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza, portraying them as funding Hamas, which he personally knows were carried out in full coordination with Israel, the US, Egypt, the United Nations, and all concerned parties.”

Dr Al Ansari affirmed that Qatar will continue its mediation efforts and will not be deterred by rhetoric and statements that can only be understood in the context of escaping from the Israeli Prime Minister’s personal political challenges.