Qatar, US have lasting ties in all fields: Envoy

The Embassy of Qatar in the United States of America has celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries by holding a massive official dinner on this occasion.
In his speech at the ceremony, Ambassador of Qatar to the US HE Sheikh Mishaal bin Hamad Al Thani said, “When our diplomatic relations were established and started, neither of our two countries could have imagined such a wonderful partnership that could develop. Everyone here today is aware of the tremendous success of this relationship. However, what was unexpected is the extent to which this cooperation has been a reflection of the transformation that Qatar is undergoing.”
The ambassador stressed that Qatar and the US have deep and lasting ties in all fields. He pointed out that Qatar has today become an unparalleled global centre for social, economic and cultural development and empowerment.
He stated that investments in education and social reform have led to the creation of an inclusive and diversified society, where all people have the opportunity to thrive, noting that strategic investments have created a vibrant economy with the creation of many new industries, from tourism to sports to agriculture.
He said, “This growth has allowed us to expand on our long-standing commitment to peace and stability, as Qatar works to mediate conflicts, support development and improve security throughout the Middle East and even beyond the region.”
He added, “This extraordinary progress would not have been possible without our partnership with America. Our extensive cooperation in the field of education, including the six American universities that have established their entire campus in Education City in Doha, has helped achieve world-class educational standards in Qatar. Billions of dollars in US investment and hundreds of US companies operating in Qatar have helped fuel our economic transformation.”
The ambassador stressed that the partnership of Qatar and the United States is at the core of their efforts to promote peace and stability and combat terrorism at the international level.
“We worked side by side in Afghanistan, and our cooperation with America was essential to our efforts to create a more peaceful world.”
He said despite the remarkable progress made by Qatar, this matter has not yet been completed. When the world visits Qatar later this year for the World Cup, everyone will see a country that has already made a transformation, but this is only the beginning.
He stressed that Qatar will build on the momentum of comprehensive labor reforms and our first national elections, in order to establish a transparent and inclusive social system that guarantees the rights of all. “We will transform into a knowledge-based economy, driven by innovation, that is not only prosperous, but sustainable, diversified and inclusive, providing opportunities for all the people of Qatar.”
He said, “We will redouble our efforts to promote peace and prosperity at the global level, and provide millions of others around the world with access to necessities such as food, energy, and safe, equitable and high-quality education.”
He added that what drives “us to take these steps is something we have in common with America, and perhaps our most important link, which is our inexhaustible hope for a brighter tomorrow.”
He said, “We Qataris and Americans share this basic characteristic. We have a vision for a better world, and we are committed to achieving it. And we know the road ahead will be tough. We may not always agree on the desired path or time. But America has been with us all along, and will continue to be our closest ally, indeed our closest friend, going forward.”
He said, “The first fifty years of our relationship were a resounding success. But I am confident that what we will achieve together, over the next 50 years, will be even more extraordinary and extraordinary.”
For her part, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said, “For five decades, we have been partners in our common mission to ensure a safer, more secure and more prosperous future.”
She stressed that from the beginning, the Qataris and the Americans were distinguished by a similar spirit of cooperation and friendship. “Two centuries ago, both of our nations declared independence from Britain and set out to shape our future.”
Pelosi emphasized that for fifty years, “Our strong partnership has been essential to protecting our mutual security and ensuring regional stability.”
She said that these ties have grown closer, as President Joe Biden announced this year the designation of Qatar as a major non-NATO ally of the United States, describing this announcement as important.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives expressed her special gratitude for Qatar’s continued hosting of American soldiers and air forces at Al Udeid Base, noting that she had visited this military base several times and that the military base is a testament to the strength of our security partnership. Qatar has also been a major partner in the energy field, she added.50th anniversary of establishment
of Qatar-US diplomatic relations