May 28, 2024

Qatari Armed Forces unveil Project 401 for Special Counter-Terrorism Operations

The eighth edition of the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX 2024), organised by the Qatari Armed Forces at the Qatar National Convention Center, has revealed the Project 401 for Special Operations established by the State of Qatar to draw local, Gulf and international forces to be trained on combating land, air, and maritime terrorism.

In remarks on the margins of DIMDEX 2024, commander of the operations centers of the Project 401 for Special Operations, Maj Abdullah Nabil Al Abdullah, highlighted that Project 401 is a global training center specialized in counter-terrorism operations with all types, pointing out that the project includes two training centers, Al Buruq camp in the western side of Qatar which is specialized in operations and combating maritime piracy, and Al Sailiya camp which is specialized in combating land and air terrorism.

There are two types of training applied by Project 401, the first one is simulation tactic with the second one including live counter-terrorism training, Al Abdullah outlined, adding that what distinguishes Project 401 from other training centers in the world is the fact that Project 401 combines all fields in one place sparing the trainees the effort of being transferred to other places.

He affirmed that Project 401 is steeped in special operations to train fledgling individuals until they reach the stage of professionalism, adding that the Project 401 includes military training fields that can hardly be found in other places, with a real aircraft operating in the area for the benefit of trainees.

Al Abdullah added that previously the training process was requiring booking an aircraft in advance, confirming that the area has a real Metro specifically at Al Sailiya camp akin to the Metro stations available in Qatar offering the forces the opportunity to get trained on counter-terrorism operations that take place in transport stations, along with training fields on command concerning the protection of VIPs, as well as training fields at the designated area akin to an entire city to engage with potential terrorists.

All training fields exist within an electronic program through which the data of all trainees can be accessed, whether in terms of their advance in marksmanship, or their training levels and grades to be further reviewed, Al Abdullah highlighted, confirming that accommodation compounds are available as well, for trainees that provide residential buildings for foreign individuals.

Project 401 for Special Operations centers have been established based on highest global and ISO standards, in various work sectors, whether in administration, security, programing, et al, Al Abdullah said, affirming that NATO standards were followed regarding housing and living to draw local and foreign forces.

Al Abdullah pointed out that Al Buruq camp became operational in 2021, while Al Sailiya camp is poised to be inaugurated by the end of 2024, indicating that the center includes 401 international trainers, in addition to hiring some professional expertise.