Qatari plane carrying medical aid provided by ICRC arrives in Port Sudan

A Qatari aircraft carrying 15 tons of medical aid provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) arrived at Port Sudan Airport in the sisterly Republic of the Sudan on Saturday.

The ICRC thanked Qatar for facilitating the transportation of this shipment as well as for its generous support in completing its humanitarian tasks.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that 271 persons holding Qatari residency were evacuated from the sisterly Republic of the Sudan after a fourth Qatari plane took off from Port Sudan Airport, bringing the total of those evacuated to 579 residents.

Qatar had evacuated earlier Qatari citizens present in Sudan, as well as 308 persons holding Qatari residency.

The ministry reiterated the keenness of Qatar on security and stability in the Republic of the Sudan.