QIB continues to add new features to its award-winning Mobile App


Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has announced the launch of three new features on its award winning QIB Mobile App. It has introduced the Minor Account Consolidation feature, the ability to pay and transfer via credit cards, and the expansion of the Visa Direct program to new countries. The new features will provide customers with broader options and a more personalized service through the QIB Mobile App.
With the new Minor Account Consolidation feature, customers can now link their minors’ accounts to the QIB Mobile App and have full control of their children’s accounts. This will allow them, as the guardians, to have a full view of their accounts as well as monitoring all the financial transactions. To avail this service, customers will need to link their minors’ accounts to theirs by clicking on the “Link a Minor Account” option and follow the instructions.
The option to pay and transfer using QIB credit cards provides customers more flexibility in their payment options, with the opportunity to use their credit cards’ balance to make transfers and settle utility bill and other payments such as Ooredoo, Vodafone, Kahrama, etc. Just like the payment using the account balance, the new feature employs the highest level of security, including high-level encryption and OTPs for each transaction.
The Visa Direct cross border fund transfer service allows QIB customers to transfer funds from their banking account to overseas Visa debit, credit, or prepaid cards through the QIB Mobile App. This has now also been expanded to include seven additional countries including Egypt, India, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Nigeria, and Bosnia. The service will allow customers to enjoy a simpler remittance experience and a near real-time fund transfers to friends and families overseas crediting the fund directly to the recipient’s Visa card. Customers will only need to enter the Visa card details of the beneficiary and make the transfer in a fast and secured manner.
Commenting on the launch of the new features and the Visa Direct expansion, D. Anand General Manager, Personal Banking Group, said: “As Qatar’s leading digital bank, we are continuously working to enhance the customer experience delivered through our online banking channels. At the forefront of our efforts is the constant enhancement of our award-winning Mobile App, customers’ favorite channel, to stay abreast of the digitalization drive both in Qatar and beyond. The new features will allow customers more flexibility and more options to enjoy even more control of their finances anytime and from anywhere in the world.”
D. Anand Added: “We are also very pleased with the expansion of the Visa Direct fund transfer service to seven new markets in Asia and Africa, making it now available in more than 30 countries. This will allow our customers greater choice when transacting with their families or taking care of business affairs across the globe, further facilitating our customer banking experience. We will also continue our efforts to expand the range of our services to cater to a broader international segment.”
The all new QIB Mobile App features easy-to-use English and Arabic interfaces, secure and smart biometric login, self-registration, smart shortcuts, and a combo navigation panel that allows customers to find all the offered products and services in simple steps and get the help they need quickly within the App for a seamless and intuitive customized experience. All transactions can now be completed within a few steps and customers will reap the benefits of the advanced and secured data systems to avoid filling or re-entering pre-registered information.
To download the app, customers can visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery and search for the keyword: QIB Mobile App. Customers can easily self-register using their debit card number and PIN.