QIIB to use SAP SuccessFactors solutions for its HR management

With an aim to complete the digital transformation process in the various departments of the bank and enhance operational efficiency, QIIB announced that it will start implementing ‘SAP SuccessFactors’ solutions, an advanced system for human resources management, thus operating 100% digitally.
The new system enables dealing with all the employees’ needs and managing their data automatically without the need for any paperwork at any stage, which enhances the flow of work and the completion of various tasks related to human resources quickly and efficiently in line with the development witnessed by the bank at all levels.
On the occasion of the official launch of SAP SuccessFactors system, QIIB organised a special celebration at the bank’s headquarters, which was attended by QIIB’s senior management executives and QIIB’s task force that supervised the finalisation of that project, in addition to representatives of Kaar Technologies, which implemented the full transition to the system until the operational phase.
Ali Hamad Al Mesaifri, QIIB Chief of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, said: “We are pleased to be proactive in adopting the best technology solutions to improve the various aspects of our work. The official launch of SAP SuccessFactors solutions supplements the digital transformation process which has long started at the bank; however, it has gained considerable momentum during the past period and it is currently in the final stages.”
He said, “The application of technological solutions in the field of human resources is an option that can no longer be overlooked, especially in light of our ongoing efforts to improve the operational efficiency and use of the available resources in the best possible means and with optimum revenue. This will reflect positively on the work environment and unleash the energies of our human cadres and enable us to benefit from it in the best ways”.
Al- Mesaifri stressed, “QIIB’s application of SAP SuccessFactors system was based on the various advantages that the system provides, be it in terms of cost-efficiency or processing as much data as possible in the shortest period of time, while managing the necessary database in a smooth and flexible way that best fulfills our requirements.”
The Chief of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs thanked the QIIB team that supervised the completion of this important work.
He said this will undoubtedly have a significant impact on increasing the work efficiency of the bank’s human resources sector and various departments.
He also thanked Kaar Technologies, which successfully completed the system’s set-up in order to function according to the requirements provided by the bank”.
On his part, Dineshraj, Qatar Business Head, Kaar Technologies QFC LLC, stated, “We congratulate QIIB for achieving the transition to use SAP SuccessFactors system, the most advanced, flexible and adapted human resources system that is suitable for the needs of large organisations. Certainly, the bank’s employees and the Human Resources Department will experience the value added of applying such system”.
Dineshraj expressed his delight at the cooperation and partnership with QIIB and its designated team that supervised the implementation of the program.
“The interaction was extraordinary and indicated the bank’s great expertise in the field of human resource management with an impressive desire to move to a full digital system to manage the various operations of these resources”.