QSE ties up with LSEG to launch new electronic trading system

As part of its strategic plan aimed at transforming Doha into a leading investment hub in the region, the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) on Tuesday launched a new and high-performing trading platform built on the advanced technology used by many global capital markets.

The new trading platform provides innovative, robust, and scalable solutions that align with the advanced financial market technologies utilised by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

These technologies encompass trading services, market data, data analytics, and market surveillance. All these solutions operate on a unified framework, sharing the same technological infrastructure, data architecture, and software engineering methodology.

This achievement represents a significant leap forward in developing the Qatar Stock Exchange by establishing the foundations to achieve international recognition in accordance with the best practices and global standards.

The launch of the new advanced trading platform aligns with the strategic vision of Qatar, which aims to develop the Qatari financial market and achieve investment diversification.

Speaking on the occasion, Qatar Stock Exchange Acting CEO Abdulaziz Nasser Al Emadi expressed his deep satisfaction with this important step and described it as a cornerstone in QSE’s development strategy to assume a prominent position among the world’s advanced exchanges, in line with Qatar’s ambitious economic plans.

Emadi also expressed his welcome to the successful launch of the new trading system in collaboration with partners. He stated that it plays a vital role in enhancing market confidence, elevating the performance of available investment services and products, and improving the level of trading surveillance, which helps attract a diverse investor base and provides a trading platform capable of accommodating new investment instruments, including derivatives markets.

He added that both issuers and investors will benefit from the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the technologies employed in the new tradingplatform.

The QSE is working towards enhancing its liquidity by strengthening the maturity and development of our financial markets, thereby supporting Qatar’s strategy to diversify the national economy. This includes providing market participants and investors with a wide range of investment opportunities, enabling them to access new and diverse financial instruments to manage risks and capitalise on market movements, Emadi said.

QSE IT Director Aisha Al Mahmoud, who is also the project manager of the new trading system, said that it will be a significant milestone in the development of the Qatar Stock Exchange, enabling the introduction of new products and services to a new segment of investors and potential participants in derivatives and equity markets.

Mahmoud highlighted the advanced technological features provided by the new system, which contribute to enhancing efficiency and meeting QSE’s strategic objectives.

Global Head of Cross-Asset & Market Infrastructure at London Stock Exchange Group John Walker-Robertson said, “We are proud to collaborate with the Qatar Stock Exchange to successfully implement our state-of-the-art and innovative trading infrastructure. The new infrastructure leverages industry-standard FIX messaging and offers a wide range of features aligned to global best practices and standards.”

The newly launched trading platform offers a range of capabilities including the provision of services to the derivatives market and facilitating Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). With these added functionalities, QSE is now able to offer a broader range of investment opportunities to its stakeholders.

The new trading platform is a multi-asset, multi-market, trading platform designed for resiliency, high performance, and ultra-low latency. The new trading solutions offer out-of-the-box trading solutions for equity, fixed-income, and derivative instruments on a single robust platform that meets standard trading requirements off-the-shelf, leading to reduced time-to-market and lower implementation risk.

The new trading platform provides extensive support for a multitude of asset classes including equity, fixed income, and derivatives. It also supports market maker protection and monitoring combined with a highly deterministic latency profile to support high-frequency quoting.

QSE extends its gratitude to all stakeholders for their continuous support and collaboration, which has been instrumental in the successful launch of this new trading platform. Their invaluable contributions have helped establish QSE as a prominent player in the global financial market. On this occasion, Qatar Stock Exchange honored all technology service companies, data vendors, and brokerage firms that contributed to the project, as a token of appreciation for their valuable efforts and fruitful collaboration, which played a vital role in the successful launch of the new trading system at Qatar Stock Exchange.

The new platform features the deployment of a solution comprising Millennium Exchange and Millennium Surveillance aimed at enhancing QSE’s overall equity markets infrastructure capabilities. QSE would be able to meet global best practices and standards, launch new services, and reach unparalleled levels of low latency, high throughput, and resiliency.

The new platform uses industry-standard FIX messaging and provides features such as real-time portfolio balance checks, new order types, multiple indices, surveillance alerts, and market maker monitoring, as well as integrates with the Edaa and trading participants in the equities capital market.

It is worth mentioning that LSEG’s technologies are utilized by more than 25 exchanges and financial markets worldwide, including Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Singapore Exchange, and London Stock Exchange.




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