May 26, 2024

Sheikh Al Qaqa bin Hamad Al Thani elected president of Al Rayyan Club


The General Assembly of Al Rayyan club has elected HE Sheikh Al Qaqa bin Hamad Al Thani as president of the club and HE Sheikh Ali bin Saud Al-Thani as vice-president by acclamation for a complementary period until 2024.

This came during a meeting held by the General Assembly of Al Rayyan at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium’s conference hall after the completion of the legal quorum, in the presence of founding members, working members and representatives of the Ministry of Sports and Youth.

HE Sheikh Al Qaqa bin Hamad Al Thani asserted that his presidency of the club is a big responsibility and an assignment which he is greatly honored to accept, thanking the former administration under the presidency of HE Sheikh Ali bin Saud Al Thani and Ali Salem Afifa for their unwavering efforts during the past years, praising the services they have provided to the club.

Sheikh Al Qaqa pointed out that the primary objective of the new administration is to get Al Rayyan club back on track and compete in all titles and tournaments, in addition to providing a level that best suits the ambitions of the club fans and all affiliates.

Official spokesman for Al Rayyan Sports Club Abdulhadi Al Sahli said the new administration looks forward to returning the football team to strongly compete in local tournaments during the upcoming period.

In a special remark to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Sahli added that the files of professional footballers have been completed with 80 percent, pointing out that the club seeks to accomplish the deal during the upcoming days to sign other players ahead of Qatar Stars League competitions, pointing out that fans are largely awaiting the team to compete in the league as they closely monitoring the news.