Sheikha Moza attends Qatar Foundation Schools Commencement Ceremony

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, attended the Qatar Foundation Schools Commencement Ceremony, which celebrated the achievements of 290 graduates – including 246 Qataris – from seven schools that form part of the organization’s unique ecosystem of education.

HE Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation, was also in attendance at the ceremony at Qatar National Convention Centre, together with ministers, diplomats, teachers, faculty members, and the families of graduating students.

Speaking at the ceremony, Abeer Al Khalifa, President of Pre-University Education (PUE), Qatar Foundation (QF), said: “Today, we gather to honor the graduation of an exceptional group of students from Qatar Foundation schools. This momentous occasion represents a pivotal point in their lives, bridging their past dreams with their future aspirations. They stand on the threshold of success, proudly having met their responsibilities and eagerly anticipating new beginnings brimming with opportunities.

“For over 25 years, our schools have worked tirelessly and with unwavering commitment to match the progress of a nation that has given us so much. Today, from this revered institution, this class, distinguished by its morals and knowledge, is graduating. This enlightened generation renews their vow to follow in the footsteps of their forebears, aiming to bring about positive change and make a lasting impact on society.

“With your graduation today, each of you becomes like an arrow poised to embark on life’s journey and its challenges, aiming for the goals you have set for yourselves and in service to your nation. Nothing will deter you from continuing your path.

“Today, we witness the emergence of a new generation whose educational path has been marked by commendable actions and initiatives, driven by their awareness of global and humanitarian issues, particularly the concerns of the Arab and Islamic nations. I especially commend their engagement with the Palestinian cause, their solidarity with the Palestinian people, and their commitment to being the voice of truth in support of every oppressed individual.”

Al Khalifa also thanked the teachers for their dedication to educating and preparing the students, and the academic and non-academic staff at QF schools, saying: “You have always been our pillar of support in fulfilling our mission, enabling us to achieve admirable results year after year.”

Qatari filmmaker Amal Al Muftah was this year’s keynote speaker. A former student of QF’s Qatar Academy Doha (QAD), as well as a graduate of Northwestern University in Qatar – a QF partner university – she reflected on her experience at the school, saying: “I discovered my true passion for storytelling and began to explore this field more deeply. It confirmed to me that I have the ability to use films as a means to express my stories and those of others in innovative and inspiring ways.”

Al-Muftah urged graduates to be active participants in their own stories, celebrating their small victories and reflecting on their failures. “As you approach a new chapter in your lives, I want to emphasize the importance of appreciating both moments of joy and challenges alike,” she said.

“Life is like a film, where happy scenes intertwine with difficult ones, each adding depth and beauty to the story. One cannot exist without the other, and this balance is what makes the stories of our lives exciting and captivating.

“As children of this nation, we owe it to our heritage to respect and honor our stories. They are the essence of our identity, the threads that weave our collective narrative, binding us to our past and guiding us into the future. Our stories are the legacy we leave behind, the voice of our culture, and the testament to our beautiful differences.”

During the event, each graduate took to the stage to receive their diplomas, with valedictorians from each school also receiving special recognition. Students from QF schools, including members of Qatar Music Academy, performed ‘Our Dream’, a song produced by PUE in collaboration with Qatari artist and QF employee Fahad Al-Hajjaji.

The commencement ceremony celebrated the achievements of students from QAD, Qatar Academy Al Khor, Qatar Academy Sidra, Qatar Academy for Science and Technology, Qatar Leadership Academy, Qatar Academy Al Wakra, and Awsaj Academy.








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