Vodafone launches first IoT tracker for consumers in Qatar


Vodafone Qatar has launched its first consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) product, the Vodafone Smart Tracker, a new multi-purpose tracking solution that is able to locate users’ valuables, such as wallets, bags, luggage, laptops, motorbikes and even cars.
The Vodafone Smart Tracker is built on the Vodafone IoT Platform. It enables users to find and track their most important belongings locally and globally, through a dedicated app, developed in-house by Vodafone, and is available to download on both Android and IOS devices.
The new consumer IoT tracking solution is lightweight, easy to carry and comes with a built-in SIM, providing connectivity when users are on the move. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers, the Vodafone Smart Tracker uses three different tracking technologies; GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular, to provide a more reliable connection for customers.
The new Vodafone Smart Tracker’s versatility means that users can keep track of their items not only in Qatar, but also while traveling in more than 155 countries.
According to Business Insider, by 2026 there will be 64 billion smart devices globally. The launch of the Vodafone Smart Tracker shows the continued commitment of Vodafone Qatar to this rapidly evolving sector.
Diego Camberos, Chief Operating Officer, Vodafone Qatar, said, “We are excited to enhance our product portfolio with an innovative, brand new, first in the market solution, which makes our customers’ lives easier and more comfortable than ever before. Our own research has demonstrated just how important it is to create a versatile product that allows users to keep track of their belongings and stay connected to what matters most, and our IoT Platform has enabled us to respond to the clear consumer demand.”
This launch is the first in a series of new smart products that will be unveiled by Vodafone Qatar over the coming months.


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