May 28, 2024

About Company

Assiyana is a company that helps busy business owners and homeowners in handling property operations and maintenance concerns. Our help ensures that property owners are free from these back breaking, time-consuming yet vital activities. We have been in business for more than 30 years. This has equipped our technicians with vast experience in providing operation schemes and maintenance in various domains.

Our major services include the following:

Facility Management.
Cleaning Services.
Ground Maintenance and Landscaping.
Electro-mechanical Maintenance.
Pest Control.
FM Software Integration.
We focus on providing the best services in terms of quality and time management.

Assiyana is not just another provider of Facility Management and Maintenance Assistance. We bring in the Science and Art of Servicing and Cleaning Facilities. We are the premier source of excellent services that offer expert and reliable solutions to all property management problems. Our many years in business mean extensive knowledge, reliability and mastery in the provision of Facility Management assistance at different levels. Whether you need help in the management of your shop, hospital, home, restaurant or a skyscraper, we will help you.

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Gulf Serv W.L.L (Assiyana)
Gulf Serv W.L.L (Assiyana)

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Marina 50 tower | 18th Floor | Office #1802 Lusail Marina 1| Lusail | P.O Box 22371 | Qatar